Friday, August 12, 2005


As an admitted Luddite, I swore I would shun digital photography. I likened it to the garishness of video and the mass appeal of point and shoot. People racing about indiscriminately shooting and shooting with endless amounts of film (capacity), calling themselves photographers and thinking themselves artists. Digital I thought was more paint-by-numbers rather than the democratization of photography .

Oh how I've had to eat my words. Digital I've discovered is a fantastic medium for capturing a sketch. A sketch is that momentary revealing of elements that when combined, define space and meaning. it could be lighting, colour, geometry or some resemblance of a faded memory like an old bleached postcard stuck in a storefront window. It is a thumbnail of something you may want to go back and explore further. It is a reminder in a notepad, or perhaps an independent object worthy of it's own scrutiny. Whatever it may be, here are some I would like to share.


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