Saturday, October 08, 2005


Here are three very recent B&W shots. The middle image was a test shot that I thought filled out the triptych. I've always been interested with bleakness of this wall. The bottom shot was a combination of good elements and nice lighting. The top shot I think is very good. It has the right feel.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


I've taken to walking with my (digital) camera. This is something photographers in their biographies say they always do. I never have. I've always made mental notes of images and the emotions they evoked. I would later go on a shooting flurry, trying to recapture that mental note. It made me understand what I was looking at but it creating huge gaps in my body of work. I walked by this overpass yesterday...


These locations couldn't be further apart socio-economically. The fifth floor of the Museum of Modern Art and the New Edwin Hotel in the east end. They do share a certain bleak geometry. I'm very fond of this so called negative space. Especially when that's all there is.